Borrowing Books & Materials

  • Patron Responsibilities

    Any person who borrows materials fro the Galway Public Library is responsible for returning the materials in a timely manner and in good condition. Borrowers agree to abide by the Galway Public Library lending rules and regulations. Patrons will give the Library prompt notice of any changes in address and contact.

    Registration of Borrowers

    • Applicants must present acceptable proof of address (photo
      ID) when filling out the library card application form.
    • Summer residents must register their home address and
      telephone number as well as their local address.
    • Children under the age of 12 may have a library card at the
      discretion of a parent/guardian who accepts financial responsibility
      for materials borrowed. The parent/guardian must sign the application
    • Children age 12 and over are not required to obtain a parent signature when registering for library card.

    Borrowing Time Period

    • All new books, new audio books and periodicals are available for a two-week loan period.
    • All non-new books are available for a four-week loan period.
    • All non-new audio books are available for a four-week loan period.
    • All new DVDs are available for a three-day loan period.
    • All videotapes and non-new DVDs are available for a seven “open
      library day” loan period (days that the library is closed are not
    • Patrons may borrow up to 5 DVDs/videos/audio books per library card.
    • Patrons may borrow up to 45 books and other print materials per library card.
    • The library’s Hyde Museum Pass may be borrowed for one week and the pass covers reduced and free admission to the Hyde Collection and Museum in Glens Falls, NY.

    Interlibrary Loans

    • Patrons are encouraged to use the SALS
      online catalog
      and fill out request slips for interlibrary
      loan materials. SALS interlibrary loans are free.
    • Patrons will be notified by phone or email when the
      materials arrive. If the patron does not pick up the material within
      one week, it will be returned on the next SALS delivery day.
    • Generally, interlibrary loan materials have a four-week
      loan period and are eligible for one four-week renewal period.

    Overdue Materials – excluding our E reader Nook

    • Daily fines for overdue materials are $0.10/day, except $.25 per day on all Audiovisual material, including audiobooks and DVDs, as well as New Release Books. Our overdue fine maximum amount is $5.00, except in the case of lost materials, for which the patron will be charged the replacement cost.
    • Materials overdue one month:
      • patron receives phone call of notification from library
    • Materials overdue two months:
      • patron receives letter with titles of materials and
        replacement costs.
    • Materials overdue three months:
      • patron receives letter of notification that library
        privileges are suspended until materials are returned or replacement costs are paid.
    • Materials may not be renewed once they are one month
    • Materials that are not returned within six months are
      assumed to be lost and will be removed from the computer system, and patron will be charged for replacement cost.

    Renew Materials Online

    *Note: If an item cannot be renewed online call the library at (518)882-6385 and we may be able to renew it for you!

    1. Visit the SALS Catalog and Click on “Patron Account” (across the top of the screen).
    2. Type in your complete library card number (without spaces)
      and your Password. Click “Log in”.
    3. Click “Items out” along the middle menu.
    4. Check the box or boxes of the items you want to renew. Scroll down
      and click “Renew Selected Items”.
    5. If the items were successfully renewed a message will state so. If the item could not be renewed it will say ‘0 successfully renewed’ and will give a reason why it could not be renewed.
    6. Click on “Items out” again to see your list with new extended due dates. Log out when you are done with your account information.


    • Staff will maintain a list of materials requested by
      patrons. The next patron on the list will be notified when the material
      is returned.
    • Materials will be held for one week. At the conclusion of
      that week, the item will be available to the next person on the list or
      shelved for general circulation.
  • Search our library catalog for books, dvds

Searching the SALS Catalog

  1. Go to the SALS Library Catalog Site. (This
    link will pop up a new window).
  2. You are logged into the Galway Public Library. You are
    searching only what we own at this library.
  3. To see what is available from other libraries in the
    system, change the “Limit By” to “All
    items – All Libraries.”
  4. Type your search term.
  5. Click the Go button.
  6. Audio books can be downloaded at http://salon.sals.eduThe Southern Adirondack Library (SALS) on Demand“.

Request Materials (from another library or an item of ours that is checked out)

  1. Go to the SALS Library Catalog Site. (this
    link will pop up a new window)
  2. Search for the item you want to request.
  3. Click on “Place Request” under the item to be requested.
  4. Type in your entire library card number (without spaces)
    and password. (Note: Passwords are automatically set
    to the last four digits of your home telephone number. This can be
  5. Click on “Log in.”
    Click “Submit Request.”
  6. If your request was successful, “Your request has been
    placed” appears. Click “Close” to return to the search window.
  7. You will be contacted when your requested materials are
    available for pickup at the Galway Public Library.

For more help, stop by the library!

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