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The purpose of the online newsletter, Galway Get Together, is to provide a network for sharing information, opportunities, products and services within the Galway community. The bi-weekly newsletter will promote the locally grown and known.
It is a service of the Galway Public Library, which is responsible for its publication.


  • There is no charge to receive the Galway Get Together or to post items to be listed in the newsletter. You may  post listings in the newsletter by emailing us at
  • The contents of the newsletter may include but are not be limited to: community announcements; items for sale; items for exchange; jobs available; help wanted; volunteer opportunities; pets lost & found & available for adoption — and more.
  • In addition to individual listings, community businesses and organizations may publicize their products or services.
  • Editors of the Galway Get Together have the option to edit or reject submissions for publication at their discretion.
  • Submissions may be edited in order to fit in any given issue.
  • Submissions may be held for future editions if space is limited. Every effort will be made to accommodate time-sensitive submissions.
  • Items submitted multiple times may be edited for length or omitted  from an issue in order to accommodate more time-sensitive submissions.
  • The Library is not responsible in any way for the outcome of the exchange of goods, services or information between individuals as a result of publication of any listing within the Galway Get Together.
  • Publication in the Galway Get Together does not indicate, in any way, endorsement of listings published in the newsletter.


  • Please remember that due to space limitations, short articles are appreciated.
  • Please do not forget to include all important information in your submissions: what, when, where, contact information, website if available, concise details about your event or listing.
  • Please make it easy on the volunteer Editor – simple text formatting is best.

Thank you for your interest in the Galway Get Together! The Galway Public Library is pleased to provide this free resource to the Galway community.

updated: October 23, 2014


Archived Press Release: the beginnings of the  Galway Get Together — 

June 2, 2011, Galway, NY …. The Galway Public Library announces the Galway Get Together, a free bi-weekly online newsletter for the community to share local news, products and services, job opportunities and more. The first online newsletter is scheduled to be published June 1, 2011. The community of Galway and surrounding areas may receive and contribute to the Galway Get Together by registering on the Galway Public Library website. Submissions of 25 words or less per listing are invited. Some of the categories for submission are: Help Wanted,Lost and Found, Items for Sale and Trade, News and Announcements. Local businesses and organizations are encouraged to advertize their products, services and upcoming events.

The email newsletter is inspired by the Front Porch Forum, community online newsletters described in Bill McKibben’s book, Eaarth. It is a popular means of sharing information about local resources, expertise, opportunities, products, news, thoughts.

“Galway is rich in all of these,” says [Mary Cuffe Perez, newsletter editor/Regina Doi,Library Director] and we can all take advantage of them without going very far. It’s easy, it’s environmentally responsible and it’s neighborly. This is not only a way to get in touch, but to share what we know and what we have.”

A print-out copy of the newsletter will also be available at the Galway Public Library.

All submissions are subject to editing and review for appropriate content by the Galway Public Library. More information on the Galway Get Together is available at
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